After months of intense preparation we are super excited to finally be open for business.

It has been an amazing journey seeing Pop Motif grow from two words and a goal jotted on a piece of paper to a fully realized online art gallery stocking a range of the coolest pop culture influenced art from around the globe.

We wanted to devote this first post to giving you a better feel for the art prints that you will find in our store. 

So without further ado..


We love Pop Art and carry a great range of iconic pop art prints from the usual suspects such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol as well as amazing contemporary pop artists like Kozyndan. Here are some of our favs...




 Here at Pop Motif we can't get enough of Vintage Poster Art. Our homes are full of the stuff!

We stock an amazing collection of Vintage Poster Art from the likes of Bernard Villemot, A.M. Cassandre and Raymond Savignac

If you are not familiar with these names please check them out. Their advertising posters are beautiful examples of graphic design and typography.  Here are a few examples of their work…





On the modern tip you will find a range of art prints from renowned urban artists such as Shepard Fairey, Ben Allen and Mike Edwards. These guys continue to impress us with their work. Pretty cool huh?

We look forward to expanding our line through 2013 and including a wider range of our favorite local artists.

We will be using this blog to let you learn more about the artists and prints that populate our gallery as well as the latest news, events sales and other goodies.

Stay tuned!